Auctioneers in Headford

Auctioneers Headford

If you’re thinking of selling a property in Headford and are looking for the best auctioneers serving your area; You should talk to Fiar Deal Property We are achieving stunning results in the Headford property market and we are also saving our sellers tens of thousands of euro in estate agents fees.

Fair Deal Property are Galway’s fastest growing estate agents. We have 20 years experience in dealing with residential property and this is our area of expertise.  We opened up for business in Autumn 2021 and we delivered an unprecedented  level of growth in that that time. We offer clients a superior service to the traditional auctioneers and at the same time enable customers to make serious savings on fees.

Our Fair Deal fixed fee structure is an innovation for estate agents and auctioneers and represents great value for money. We are delighted to be able to offer our clients the lowest cost premium estate agency fee in Ireland and believe in providing a clear understanding of what you will be charged once your house has sold. It is a simple and informative element that leaves no hidden surprises. Unlike other agents; we publish our fees on our website and we do not have any hidden fees which are a common place in our industry.

We have spread our geographical network to provide estate agents services to areas including Headford and other parts of County Galway such as Tuam and Oranmore. If you are looking for a property company with a passion to help you efficiently sell your house, we can help you.

To discuss your plans, contact our sales team

Headford Sales team: +353 87 387 7707

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We have one vision: That is to be the very best estate agent in Ireland, driving service standards up and driving costs down by providing our optimised fee strategy to save clients money while delivering superior results and service levels to all of our cleints.

Our straightforward approach allows us to provide the highest quality of service. We have simplified the cost structure by offering an effective fixed fee strategy that ensures we remain more competitive than traditional auctioneers and estate agents.

All in all, when you make the decision to retain Fair Deal Property to assist in the sale of your property, you can be certain that we will act professionally on your behalf with integrity and the honesty you would expect.

Our Fair Deal Fixed Price Fee of €2,495+VAT offers a whole new level of value for the Headford Property Seller.

Here is worked example of what we bring to the market place in terms of value:

Sales Price €400,000
The Standard Industry Fee = 1.5%+VAT
€400,000 x 1.5% = 6,000 (€7,380 Inc. VAT)
Our Fixed Price Fee =€2,495 (€3,069 Inc. VAT)
* This client will save €4,311 which is an enormous difference.

The Leading Property Auctioneers in Headford

We believe in keeping the house selling process as simple as possible to ensure our clients experience a stress-free process. Our team of auctioneers at Fair Deal Property will use their local Headford market knowledge to guide you and to help you make informed decision at every stage.

Our record speaks for itself and we have helped lots of seller. You can read some of the success stories here.

So, if you are considering selling your property, contact our office and talk to the team today. We are happy to provide whatever advice you need and to arrange an appointment to visit and provide a free valuation.

Areas We Cover Around Headford

Galway & Galway City

Tuam, Galway

Headford, Galway


*Estimate based on average house prices and standard estate agent fees of 1.5% commission plus VAT versus a flat rate Fair Deal charge of €2495+ VAT