Fair Deal Property Delivers Explosive Growth

This week officially marks a year since the launch of Fair Deal Property.

From the outset our aim was to provide a level of value and results for property sellers

The likes of which has never before been seen in our industry.

We are delighted to say that over the last 12 months the business has grown by 4300%.

This compares to an average growth rate of our competitors of 0.8%

In the last 4 weeks alone we have sale agreed over €8,000,000 worth of residential property in Galway;

We have saved our clients over €75,000 in one month alone versus the usual estate agents fees

And we have delivered stunning results in each and every property.

We have completely revolutionised a market that had remained static with

The same old high fee structure in place for generations.

And we have succeeded in providing a genuinely superior alternative for all property sellers.

We look forward to rolling out our service to all property sellers across the nation.

Fair Deal Property, Superior Service, Outstanding Results, Serious Savings on Fees

The Ultimate Champions of the Irish Property Seller.