Fair Deal Property is a Premium Service Estate Agency

We Are Here to Champion the Irish Property Seller in Everything we do.

We have transformed the old high fee structure of our industry, and we are achieving extraordinary results in the market place.

All of our sales this year to date have broken records in their localities for the prices we have achieved. We are also saving our clients on average €3,000 on fees for every house we sell. As our fee is fixed the savings are dramatically higher for higher priced properties. Don’t be fooled by our low price structure. The real point of difference that we bring to the market place is the extraordinary quality of our service along with the remarkable results that we are achieving for our clients.

We are here to be the best estate agency that you will ever encounter. We are achieving this by going way beyond the normal range of client expectations in our industry. This is a game changing moment in the history of the Irish property market. And we now invite all property sellers in Ireland to take advantage of this transformational shift in value.

Our Fair Deal Fixed Price Fee of €2,995+VAT offers a whole new level of value for the Irish Property Seller.

Here is worked example of what we bring to the market place in terms of value.

Sales Price €400,000

The Standard Industry Fee = 1.5%+VAT

€400,000 x 1.5% = 6,000 (€7,380 Inc. VAT)

Our Fixed Price Fee =€2,995 (€3,684 Inc. VAT)

* This client will save €3,696 which is an enormous difference.

(If your property has a value of less than €300,000 then we operate on 1% fee meaning that we still provide exceptional value and results for properties in this category) *Minimum Charge Applies of €1,995+VAT.

When you see that we are also breaking records for the prices that we are achieving for our clients across all localities, It becomes clear that choosing Fair Deal Property to sell your house is a clear and obvious decision to make. Unlike all of our main competitors we do not charge any upfront marketing Fees. This means you also save an additional €300 to €400 and have no upfront fees to pay. In fact you pay nothing at all directly to us as our fee comes from the the deposit of the buyer

Our agents are the very best in the business with an unrivelled passion for property. We have two decades of experience developing the art of property deals. We have also studied Real Estate to Master’s Degree level which puts us at the very top of the game in our industry. We also hold Masters Degrees in Business and Marketing and we have 20 years experience producing national advertising campaigns. Because of this we can market your property like no other agency. We currently have twenty buyers on our books for every house we sell. We do not believe in charging you an astronomical fee to sell your house. For us selling houses is easy and it comes naturally to us. We believe the homeowner deserves to keep as much of the sales price as possible. More than anything we wish to bring a new level of ethical standards to our industry. This is the hottest demand has ever been in the history of the Irish Property Market. In this climate we believe that the old established high fee model is no longer justifiable

That is why the Fair Deal Fixed Price is the future of estate agency in Ireland.

Fair Deal Property:

Extraordinary Results! Extraordinary Savings!
The Ultimate Champions of the Irish Property Seller!

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