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Are you considering selling your property in Tuam? Then you will be glad to know that Fair Deal Property have created a whole new level of value and results for Tuam Property Sellers.
We have broken the price records for every estate that we have sold in and we have also delivered massive savings on fees compared to the usual agents. Fair Deal Property was launched in Tuam in late 2021 and we have quickly established an unrivaled reputation for excellence among our rapidly growing client base. Our new Tuam offices are opening in March 2023 and we look forward to welcoming you all and helping you in anyway that we can.

We are now fully operational throughout all of Co Galway and Galway City and we look forward to expanding the business to all major urban areas in Ireland. As property investors for the last two decades it became very clear to us that property sellers in Ireland have been over charged and under serviced for far too long. We are here to offer a superior level of service along with a fair fixed price fee. Our team offer next generational marketing capability which we have fully harnessed for the benefit of property sellers.

We have achieved massive success in a relatively short space of time. And it appears clear that property sellers everywhere are in full agreement that the Fair Deal Property model of excellence and value represents the future for real estate transactions in Ireland. We are already ranked No. 2 out of 123 agents by Ireland’s leading property portal for market share across the Galway and Mayo residential markets having overtaken all the other franchises after just 12 months of trading

We have brought a transformational shift in value to property sellers. A market that was essentially static for generations with the same old high fee structure has been radically transformed in favour of sellers by our Fair Deal Fixed Price Selling Fee.

We have vast experience in sales, marketing and advertising and we are masters in the art of deal making. 

We are extraordinarily passionate about property and we bring a huge amount of energy and enthusiasm to what we do.

Helping people move on to new beginnings is what fires us up to deliver exceptional service and results to each and every one of our property buyers and sellers.

If you are considering selling your property we will be delighted to hear from you and to help you in any way that we can.

Call us today for you free market appraisal and lets get your deal done for you!

Tuam Sales team: +353 87 387 770

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Our Goal is simple ; To be the best estate agency that you will ever encounter and to go way beyond the normal range of client expectations of our industry.

We are here to be provide exceptional levels of service for fair fixed price fee

Our average seller will save €3,000 on estate agents fees with many of our clients saving over well over €10,000

Our aim is not only to compete on price- but to also deliver a service that is superior in all aspects

We have consistently achieved better results with higher prices achieved and faster sale times than our competitors in all localities. 

Our entire business model is built around delivering levels of value, results and customer satisfaction never before seen in the Irish property market..

At the core of our business philosophy is rock solid ethical standard. We are operating in an industry which has had a chequered ethical history so much so that a regulator had to be appointed to deal with rogue agents. 

We are Property Sales Specialists. We do not occupy our time with the letting of property and the collecting of rent etc. Whereas many estate agents see the sale of property as simply the ‘cherry on the cake’ just one of many revenue streams to fall back on. We are born to sell. We sell property all day long we are not distracted by any non selling activities. All of our energies are singularly directed towards closing property deals for the best available market price.

As the property market begins to show signs of entering a cooling phase, the reversion to the norm following an over exuberant post Covid rush. Selling ability will now once again take center stage

Our Fair Deal Fixed Price Fee of €2,495+VAT offers a whole new level of value for the Tuam Property Seller.

Here is worked example of what we bring to the market place in terms of value:

Sales Price €400,000
The Standard Industry Fee = 1.5%+VAT
€400,000 x 1.5% = 6,000 (€7,380 Inc. VAT)
Our Fixed Price Fee =€2,495 (€3,069 Inc. VAT)
* This client will save €4,311 which is an enormous difference.

*** if your property has market value of less then €250,000 we offer a 1% sales fee which means you still get the best value available in the Irish market.***

The leading property auctioneers in Tuam

At Fair Deal Property, we are committed to establishing ourselves as the leading brand of property auctioneers in Tuam by delivering exceptional results and service for our clients along with big reductions in selling fees through the fixed fee model that we have developed.

We aim to be the first name you consider when you choose to sell your property. Our team are ready to demonstrate our experience and services that have already made us one of Galway’s best-ranked auctioneers.

If you are looking for an auctioneer in Tuam that will deliver you the best possible result for your property along with next generational service quality then look no further than Fair Deal Property. Call us today for your free market appraisal and let’s get started on selling your property and getting you the value and results that you deserve. 

Areas We Cover Around Tuam

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Tuam, Galway

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*Estimate based on average house prices and standard estate agent fees of 1.5% commission plus VAT versus a flat rate Fair Deal charge of €2495+ VAT